Jumeirahroad.com is an online  store based out of Dubai, UAE. The founding principle is largely to curate and showcase "Handcrafted,  Upcycled and Sustainable" designs. 

To bring home a truly authentic experience of artistry, fashion and home goods!

We cover designs across Jewelry (925 silver & Semi Precious stones), Accessories and Women Wear! It is our endeavor to keep adding on more categories, should we find designs / products which fulfill the founding principles of “fair-trade”, “sustainability”, “ethical-fashion”! 

We have been repeatedly asked about our name - the origins of the name Jumeirahroad.com was while sipping cups of coffee and brainstorming on the famous Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai! We wanted a name for the online store, which would encompass the “beauty of the designs that we showcase” and at the same time emphasize on the fact that we are a UAE locally grown store so that our customers would identify with the brand! And it dawned on us that Jumeirah in Arabic* means “beautiful” would be ideal as it not only embodies the quality of the designs but by adding the word “road” would give our online store a destination in the minds of our customers! 

We partner with carefully selected vendors who in turn work with cooperatives or have their own workshops. All our vendors just like us strongly believe in the principles of ethical-fashion / ethical business. The businesses do not necessarily have to be profitable at the cost of the artisans’ living standards. 

Hope you enjoy browsing and shopping on JumierahRoad.com as much we enjoyed getting these designs to your doorstep!

* As per Google translations!

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