Eri Silk Muffler - Blue | Kora
Eri Silk Muffler - Blue | Kora
Eri Silk Muffler - Blue | Kora
Eri Silk Muffler - Blue | Kora

Eri Silk Muffler - Blue | Kora


Eri Silk Muffler


A narrow muffler perfect for tucking deep into the collar of a coat or for warmer weather. Contrast selvedge & hand-twisted fringe add detailing to this incredibly soft muffler. 

Crafted by a not for profit community nestled in Kumaon, in the foothills of the Himalayas, in home spun & hand woven eri peace silk, yarn dyed in exclusively natural colours including indigo, lac, Eupatorium and marigold.

Textile Story

Conventional silk is produced by boiling silk worms alive in their cocoons, killing some 6,000 worms to produce 1 kg of silk. Peace silk, also known as ahimsa or non-violent silk, is a sustainable & ethical approach to silk production which does not involve harming or killing the silk worm.

Once the moths have hatched the cocoon, the cocoons are collected by silk farmers, then spun & woven by hand. A cottage industry, the production of peace silk supports a wide & varied eco-system of women & men farmers, spinners, weavers, printers & dyers.

Silk spun & woven in this way retains properties lost during conventional methods of silk production. As a spun silk, peace silk is less lustrous than conventional silk, but is incredibly soft and has a rich, slubbed texture & an incredible drape. Because of the air pockets retained in the yarn, it retains warmth in winter & breathes in the heat so is comfortable to wear year round. 

Peace silk can be woven from different kinds of silk, such as eri, mulberry or tussar; each of which has unique properties which determine the handfeel and drape of the woven cloth. 

Any variations or irregularities are to be celebrated. They are part of the design & inherent to the handcrafted production process, making this item beautifully unique.

Product Details

Measurements / Size
Length is 73 inches x Width is 10 inches
Color / Finish
Blue | White
Eri Silk

Shipping & Returns

Delivered in 2-4 business days.
Returns accepted within UAE only, within 7 days of receipt. 

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